1. Humic acid enhances the surface activity of pesticidesEffects of Humic Acid on Pesticides

Humic acid is a three-dimensional structure with very large molecular chain and many functional bonds. It has a strong adsorption capacity. The water-soluble humic acid mixed pesticide solution can adsorb pesticides. Reduce the surface tension of pesticide solution. Increase the friction between the droplets and the leaves after spraying. Enhance the absorption of pesticides on the leaves.

2. Humic acid can increase the solubility and efficiency of pesticides

Improve the efficacy. Reduce the use of pesticides.The surface tension of humic acid metal salt is lower than that of water. It has the effect of surfactant. Which can produce obvious dispersion and emulsification effect on pesticides. Improve the solubility of soluble pesticides. Improve the application effect.

The compound application of pesticides and humic acid improves the activity of pesticides. Promotes the absorption of pesticides by plants. Enhances the efficacy of pesticides. Compound application of pesticides and humic acid can reduce the use of pesticides by 30% ~ 50%. So it is beneficial to reduce pesticide pollution.

3. Increase the effect and reduce the dosage of pesticide

Humic acid can improve the stability of pesticides.  Reduce the toxicity of pesticides to crops, human and livestock. Improve the safety of pesticide use. Humic acid also has the function of degrading residual pesticides under certain conditions. Which is beneficial to the ecological environment safety of agricultural products.

Paying attention to the promotion and application of humic acid and humic acid soil improvers. Insisting on using non-toxic and harmless humic acid environmental protection raw materials as carriers. Mixing with chemical pesticides or biological pesticides to produce pollution-free ecological pesticides.  It is an economic and effective way to reduce or avoid the pollution of pesticides on agricultural products and ecological environment.