Potassium humate uses has the following four aspects:
1.Potassium humate uses in soil

It increases soil organic matter and improves soil structure. So it promotes soil buffering capacity to a great extent. In barren sandy soil, potassium humate can maximize the fixation of easily lost water and nutrient elements and then transform it into a form that is easy to be absorbed by plants. Potassium humate in clay can help to form aggregate structure to increase its water retention and air permeability.

Potassium humate uses in soil,seeds and plants.The invention creates a good living environment for the beneficial microbial flora.  And simultaneously inhibits the harmful bacteria. The potassium humate can directly improve the soil structure so as to create a good microbial life environment. At the same time, these microorganisms react to improve the soil structure.  Promote the active reproduction of beneficial bacteria and produce different kinds of biological enzymes. And help to establish the soft structure of the soil, improve the binding capacity and water holding capacity of a large number of elements and trace elements. Which are referred to as natural drought-resistant agents.

2. Effect on seeds

Potassium humate uses in soil,seeds and plants.Potassium humate can promote seed germination. It is called natural rooting powder. So it has good effect on seed soaking and transplanting. Potassium humate can promote germination of seeds in a very short period of time called natural rooting powder, especially for those crops with lower survival rate.

3.Effects on the body of crops

Greatly increase plant stress resistance and reduce the impact of disease and insect disasters and drought and waterlogging disasters on crops. Potassium humate can adjust the stomatal opening and water transpiration of leaves. Stimulate the absorption of potassium ions. Promote metabolism. Promote respiratory intensity, photosynthesis intensity.  Promote the activity of plant enzymes. And can improve the drought resistance of crops.  So that the capacity of water retention can be increased by 30%. And the ability of plants to resist drought, cold and diseases and insect pests can be improved.

4.Effect on fruit

Promote chlorophyll growth.  Which in turn helps photosynthesis to increase the accumulation of sugar, fat and amino acids in plants. Promote the growth of tuber. Increase yield and improve quality. Potassium humate can enhance cell growth and help promote photosynthesis. Thus increasing the content of sugar and vitamins in crop fruit. At the same time, potassium humate can chelate heavy metals in soil to avoid its absorption by crops.  And its yield and quality will also be greatly improved.