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05 12月 2019

Potassium humate application

Potassium humate has a wide range of application as a new fertilizer. Based on its water solubility,biological activity,chemical properties, has the following applications:

1.Used as plant organic potassium fertilizer

Fertilizing: Spraying with potassium humate liquid (0.001 ≤ 0.05% concentration), soaking seeds, dipping roots or applying it in combination with other fertilizers.In such way can increase plant potassium content and potassium uptake, reduce the adverse effects of anions left in soil by chemical potassium fertilizer, and effectively improve the quality of agricultural products.Read More

16 11月 2019

Potassium humate uses in soil,seeds and plants.

Potassium humate uses has the following four aspects:
1.Potassium humate uses in soil

It increases soil organic matter and improves soil structure. So it promotes soil buffering capacity to a great extent. In barren sandy soil, potassium humate can maximize the fixation of easily lost water and nutrient elements and then transform it into a form that is easy to be absorbed by plants. Potassium humate in clay can help to form aggregate structure to increase its water retention and air permeability.Read More