The humic acid uses in industry is very significant. Lignite, caustic soda and water have been widely used as coal-alkali agents.Humic acid belongs to phenolic carboxylic acid, which is more acidic than carbonic acid. So it has strong resistance to calcium ions and can be used to deal with mud and saline mud.

With chromium humic acid and nitro humic acid also can produce better performance. Application of deep well drilling mud adjusting agent.That can make the drilling wall thin and tenacity of mud cake, less water loss.  Strong emulsification, better thermal stability, resistance to high temperature above 200 c. My company aiming at problem of high temperature, high density wrapped water regurgitation emulsion drilling fluid loss quantity. To dissolve the lignite in lye, firstly humic acid sodium solution is estracted from lignite.

Then use the modified amine compounds. Isolate oil-wet solid, dry, and ground into powder, powder thermal cracking at high temperatures, cooling , deflated. Then we could get a black solid, and ground into a fine powder. This kind of black powder is resistant to high temperature of 220 c oil-based fluid loss agent XNTR220. Which is a new type of high temperature resistant oil-base drilling fluid loss agent.

Humic acid is used as a binder for briquettes

Humic acid uses in industry.

Anthracite coal ,around 10% sodium humic acid  or ammonium humate. Through mixing, pressing and drying ,make a certain strength and thermal stability of briquette.  70 s ~ 80 s many chemical fertilizer factories in guangdong and other places make it popularization and application in the gasification furnace. Because it does not increase coal ash content, low cost, the less pollution than coke asphalt binder. Obtains the good economic benefit.In recent years, its water resistance has been improved.

And it is widely used in various industrial agglomerating molding processes. Our company’s researchers investigated the influence of polyacrylamide, glucose, kaolin, aluminum chloride, sodium humate, water-soluble phenol-formaldehyde resin and self-made water-soluble resin A (resin A for short) on the modification of water glass.The results showed that resin A improved the strength of raw and dry pellets.

Humic acid uses, as extender for lead electrode of storage battery

Humic acid uses in industry.

The storage battery needs to use the humic acid with high purity and high carboxyl content. Not only to remove the inorganic mineral impurities, but also to remove the resin, asphalt and wax-like organic matter in the humic acid.  The production procedure is complicated and difficult, but the economic value is also high.

The invention is applied to the expansion agent of the lead electrode of thestorage battery and the filling agent in the hard rubber. And it has the advantages of preventing the electrode plate from cracking. Preventing the working substance from hardening and losing the porosity.  Improving the low-temperature starting performance and prolonging the continuous discharging time.

The effects of humic acid, sodium lignosulfonate and new expanding agent on the electrochemical behavior of lead electrode and the discharge performance of the plate were studied. And the mechanism of the same and different action of humic acid and sodium lignosulfonate was analyzed.

The same point is the same as the chemical behavior of the lead electrode. The difference is that the humic acid mainly prevents the negative electrode from contracting by the adsorption, and the sodium lignosulfonate is mainly used for preventing the negative electrode from contracting by the pore-making.