1. Sodium humate feed for Piglet white dysentery and piglet enteritis.sodium humate feed

The sodium humate feed is formulated by mixing water according to a certain proportion. Then the sick piglets are filled with 3%-5% sodium humate aqueous solution.  The dosage of each sick pig is about 10-15 ml each time.  3 times a day ,and 3-5 days are continuously used.

2. Sodium humate feed for Lamb dysentery

The lambs are orally taken 5% sodium humate solution for 1-2 times a day. And can be recovered normally for 2-3 days. The dysentery requires more than a few times, in general, for 5-9 times.

3. Horses, mules dyspepsia.

The horse and mule dyspepsia belongs to the gastrointestinal diseases, the sodium humate is to be dissolved with water, and each 30g is added with 1.5 kg of water, once a day,recure after 1-2 days.

4. Hidden mastitis in cowssodium humate feed

Cows are prone to hidden inflammation in their breasts. Sodium humate and concentrated feeds are mixed together and fed twice according to the spine of 25 grams per day, usually 60 days as a course of treatment.

5. Injury

The sodium humate is directly scattered on the wound surface for the small-area wound. And the large-area wound needs to be cleaned and the wound surface is first cleaned. And then the sodium humate is sprinkled. For the wound that has been pus,1% sodium humate solution should be used for cleaning and then spreading, so as to prevent the wound from being infected again.

6. Antler hemostasis

The sodium humate feed to the wound, can effectively stop the bleeding, and about 60 grams per dear. After the pilose antler is cut off, the sodium humate is scattered on the wound surface, and then is pressed for a few minutes, so that the effect of stopping bleeding can be achieved, and the infection can be effectively prevented.