In recent years, the outstanding application effect of humic acid fertilizer products in agriculture and forestry has attracted wide attention from all parties in the society, farmers are also vying to buy this product. Everyone is well aware of its obvious effects in agriculture and forestry, but do you know how to use humic acid fertilizer? The correct and reasonable method of use can make the product in your hand give full play to its effect. Today, the author will explain how to use humic acid fertilizer and the precautions for using humic acid fertilizer.

How to use humic acid fertilizer and precautions for use.

In order to give full play to its effects after applying humic acid fertilizer, pay attention to the following points when using it:

① The pH value of potassium humate and sodium humate liquid fertilizer spraying is best controlled at 7.2~7.5, if it exceeds 8, add a small amount of acid to adjust. Their stimulating effect is related to the temperature, the higher temperature the faster, the lower temperature, the slower.

The best fertilizer effect is when the temperature is higher than 18℃, but if it exceeds 38℃, then must stop or reduce the use of the product, Otherwise, it may cause the crops to breathe too much, which will affect the accumulation and yield of crop dry matter.

② Ammonium humate must be in an environment with sufficient soil moisture to fully exert its fertilizer effect.

③ It is best not to use ammonium humate in protected areas, so as to avoid fumigation accidents caused by excessively high concentration of free ammonium ions.

JINGFENG HUMIC ACID will explain to you: How to use humic acid fertilizer and precautions for use

④ All kinds of humic acid fertilizers have different nutrient ratios and different production processes, so the fertility is quite different, and the appropriate dosage is also different. The fertilizer must be applied in accordance with the instructions for use in various places, and the dosage cannot be increased or decreased arbitrarily.

⑤ Humic acid fertilizers cannot completely replace chemical fertilizers and farmyard manures, they are mutually enhancing. Humic acid fertilizer and chemical fertilizer and farmyard manure have better effect when used in combination.

⑥ It is best to choose activated humic acid fertilizers. Unactivated humic acid fertilizers will not start to activate until they reach the soil, and the fertilizer effect is very slow.

⑦ Since pure fulvic acid is not conducive to the formation of water-stable aggregate structure in the soil, therefore pure fulvic acid fertilizers should not be applied to the soil and should be used as foliar fertilizers. But usually what you see on the market is not pure fulvic acid fertilizers, so normal drip irrigation is possible in the soil.

⑧ Pay attention to the temperature during application. After application, heat takes effect quickly and cold takes effect slowly. General temperature needs to take effect at least 18 hours later. If the temperature is higher than 38℃, it will accelerate the respiration of the crop and reduce the accumulation of dry matter, resulting in a reduction in production. The application should be stopped or the frequency and dosage of application should be reduced.

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