When customers buy super potassium f humate 98% shiny flakes, they always don’t know how to use and its dosage, here we make it clear.

Application method and dosage:

 A. Seed soaking: the concentration of super potassium humate 98% shiny flakes for soaking seeds is 0.05%-0.005% (effective content), soaking rice seeds for more than 48 hours, soaking wheat seeds for 8-10 hours, and soaking corn seeds for about 24 hours. The soaking temperature is kept at about 20°C.

Fulvic Acid Flake
Fulvic Acid Flake

B. Soaking roots, dipping roots, soaking strips: when transplanting crops such as rice, sweet potatoes, vegetables, or fruit tree cuttings, you can use them to soak roots, soaking strips, or mix super potassium f humate 98% shiny flakes and soil into a paste to dipping root during transplanting. The concentration of root dip is 0.01%~0.05%, and the concentration of dip root can be slightly higher. The soaking time is generally 10 to 24 hours, and the time can be shortened when the temperature is high.

C. Topdressing: From the bloom to the grouting period of Rice, wheat, cotton, melons and other crops, spray the leaves and ears with the product solutions, or flush the roots 2 to 3 times, to promote Fill the grain, to make the grain plump. Top dressing is carried out in the early stage of flowering and grouting of wheat and rice, and 25 kg of fertilizer is used per 665 square meter.

Super Potassium Humate 98% Shiny Flakes Dosage

D. For fruit trees, tea, citrus, grapes, strawberries, various trees, flowering trees, flowers, melons, vegetables and other crops, use 500 times solution for root watering, and 1000-3000 times solution for foliar spray. Application rate per 665 square meter: 20-25kg.

E. Mixing with other chemical fertilizers: 7% min of Potassium Humate products. Increase the soil fertility,especial mixed with Urea ,DAP,MAP,MKP. Have faster and obvious effect.

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