Humic acid itself is a good soil conditioner and plays an important role in the field of saline-alkali land reconstruction and desertification control. Humic acid fertilizer is especially suitable for the lack of organic matter in the soil caused by long-term excessive application of chemical fertilizer. After fertilization, the effect of humic acid fertilizer has a great relationship with temperature. Apply fertilizer, it release slow at cold weather and fast at warm weather. Generally above 18℃.  Humic acid fertilizer slowly release nutrients.

The use of humic acid fertilizer on field crops

Scientific use of humic acid fertilizer.

Humic acid fertilizers with different contents were selected according to the nutritional requirements and soil fertility of different crops. Under normal circumstances, planting wheat, corn, cotton and other field crops can choose humic acid organic and inorganic compound fertilizer with organic matter content of more than 30% and humic acid content more than 20%. According to the situation of soil fertility, apply 80-160 kg per mu, apply enough once before sowing crops. And dig more than 20 cm in combination with land preparation. Crops in the growth to the middle and late stage. Choose nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium 25-30% of humic acid compound fertilizer 40-80 kg topdressing. Fertilization method according to the different crops, Spread ferilization, furrow ferilization, hole fertilization can be applied. After fertilization followed by watering, we can also choose humic acid flush fertilization with water.