Humic acid salts

What's humic acid salts and its application?Humic acid salts includes potassium,sodium salt and so onHumic acid salts includes potassium,sodium salt and so on, final products are sodium humate, potassium humate, ammonium humate, iron humate, zinc humate etc. The latter two kinds are mainly derived from sodium humate. This article only introduces the first three most widely used (monovalent salt). Humic acid monovalent metal salt is black powder or granule.  Soluble in water.  PH value is 9 – 10. Transformed into humic acid colloid in acid solution. Easy to absorb moisture in air.

The main technical indexes

  1. Sodium humate temporarily adopts the national industry standard HG/T 32781987
  2. Potassium humate: humic acid (water soluble) ≥ 65%, K2O ≥ 10%
  3. Ammonium humate: humic acid (water soluble) ≥ 20%, N – NH 4 ≥3%.

Humic acid salts application scope and effect.

  1. It is used as a plant growth stimulator. Soaking seeds with 0.001 – 0.05% humate, dipping in roots, spraying or watering can promote crop growth and development, improve plant physiological metabolism and enzyme activity, and improve yield and quality.
  2. Used as an animal feed additive. Adding 0.1-0.5% sodium humate to feed livestock, poultry and fish, shrimp, silkworm and so on can promote animal metabolism, accelerate growth and development, improve meat quality, increase meat, egg, milk yield and prevent and cure many diseases.
  3. As an additive for ceramic mud. Adding 0.3 -0.5% sodium humate to ceramic mud and glaze can increase the strength of billet by 80%, the plastic index by more than 40%, and the product quality and output.
  4. Uesd as boiler water-proofing and water quality stabilizing agent. The sodium humate is added in the boiler water (with a certain amount of Na2CO3 added), the scaling speed is reduced by 50% compared with the general treatment method, the coal-saving is 20%, and the water treatment cost is reduced by 20%; in the industrial cooling water, the sodium humate is added in the industrial cooling water and the circulating water, so that the water quality can be stabilized, and the effect of soft water, dispersion, scale inhibition and corrosion inhibition is achieved.
  5. Potassium humate and ammonium humate are excellent long-acting organic fertilizers.
  6. Other aspects: humate has obvious effect in the preparation of mineral separation agent, pulverized coal molding binder, anti-inflammatory drugs, fruit tree rot agent, feed yeast, dye and coating.

Humic acid salts process flow and main equipment

  1. The process is as follows: low grade coal →crushing →extraction →solid-liquid separation→ drying→ products
  2. The main process equipment is: grinder, reactor, centrifuge, dryer and so on.