What’s humic acid salts and its application?

1. Humic acid salts

What's humic acid salts and its application?Humic acid salts includes sodium humate, potassium humate, ammonium humate, iron humate, zinc humate etc. The latter two kinds are mainly derived from sodium humate. This article only introduces the first three most widely used (monovalent salt). Humic acid monovalent metal salt is black powder or granule.  Soluble in water.  PH value is 9 – 10. Transformed into humic acid colloid in acid solution. Easy to absorb moisture in air.

2、The main technical indexes

  • Sodium humate temporarily adopts the national industry standard HG/T 32781987
  • Potassium humate: humic acid (water soluble) ≥ 65%, K2O ≥ 10%
  • Ammonium humate: humic acid (water soluble) ≥ 20%, N – NH 4 ≥3%.

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