We’ve introduced a lot about humic acid through two articles “What is humic acid? And humic acid benefits.” and “How to choose, buy and use humic acid?” earlier, but there are still some questions about it, such as the concept of humic acid? Humic acid has so many effects, What’s the mechanism? Here is an explanation for everyone:

Humic acid concept

Because humic acid is not a pure substance, it is a type substance, and a complex mixture. Its composition varies greatly depending on the source. In addition, the nature of humic acid produced by fermentation is still being defined in recent years, just this type of substance with similar properties is collectively referred to as “humic acid”.

The humic acid concept in the macroscopic sense is: the remains of animals and plants, mainly plant remains, a type of organic matter created and accumulated through a series of processes of microbial decomposition, transformation, geochemistry.

Humic acid mechanism of action

Soil organic matter is mainly divided into two categories: one is fresh and incompletely decomposed animal and plant residues; the other is humus.

  • ● In addition to humus, including organic residues, further decomposition products and microbial re-synthesis products,the main ingredient is humic acid. Peat, lignite and leonardite contain coal humic acid is similar to the structure and properties of soil humic acid and its effect on soil and crops. Use abundant coal humic acid and its series of products as fertilizers, which can be used as a supplementary source of soil humic acid.
  • ● Coal humic acid as an organic colloid. Long-term application can promote the formation of soil aggregates; improve the structural condition of the soil; make the soil good in aeration and water permeability; and reduce the pH of saline-alkaline soil.
  • ● Humic acid has the ability to fix nitrogen, decompose phosphate, and fix potassium. Therefore, humic acid can promote the absorption of NPK by crops, and has a synergistic effect on NPK fertilizer.

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