Fulvic acid supplements has been used in medicine for a long time. As early as 1127 AD, there are records of curing of disease with “wujinshi” in China, and there are also have mud therapy method in some places of China. After many years of research, the pharmacological benefits of fulvic acid supplement have been summed up as below,

Fulvic acid supplements benefits

1. Anti-inflammatory function

2. Anti-peptic ulcer function

  • 1) Reduction of gastric acid secretion, promotion of ulcer healing
  • 2) Protection of gastrointestinal mucosa, Anti-drug injury
  • 3) Romotes regeneration of mucosal and myometrium
  • 4) Effects of gastrointestinal motility

3. Immune function

  • 1) Enhances phagocytic function of macrophages
  • 2) Stimulates hemolysin formation and stimulates the formation of hemolysin in vivo Effects of fluid immune function
  • 3) On lymphatic transformation and immune organs
  • 4) Increasing serum globulin

One of the pharmacological benefits of fulvic acid supplements is to improve immunity

4. Promoting hemostasis, Effects of Coagulation function

5. Endocrine

  • 1) Adrenal Cortex function
  • 2) Thyroid function,
  • 3) Insulin function
  • 4) Estrogen activity

6. Cardiovascular and Blood Circulation

  • 1) Effects of myocardial contraction and cardiac blood supply
  • 2) On the improvement of hemorheological characteristics
  • 3) Elimination of microcirculatory dysfunction

7. liver function. Reduction of carcinogens

8. Antimicrobial, antivirus,

  • 1) Antiradiation,
  • 2) Heavy metal detoxification,
  • 3) Prevention of ammonium poisoning,
  • 4) Detoxification of drugs

The above is all about the pharmacological fulvic acid supplement benefits. In recent years, great progress has been made in the study of fulvic acid supplements at home and abroad, but there are still many problems. In the future, we hope to promote international cooperation and multidisciplinary research on fulvic acid supplements in medicine to achieve more remarkable results.