The effects of humic acid biostimulant is obvious. A certain concentration of fulvic acid or humic acid potassium, sodium, ammonium salt solution. Through seed soaking, root dipping, spraying and root application in different growth stages of crops. Can produce corresponding stimulation. Promote crop growth and development, early maturity. Increase yield and improve quality.

Promote seed germination ,root and vegetative growth

The action of the humic acid biostimulant can lead the seed to germinate for 2 -3 days in advance. The germination rate is high. The seedling is full, and the seedling is strong. The effect on the root system can promote the vitality.

Due to good effect on the root system, some researchers give it the title of the “root fertilizer”. In addition to that root system, the growth of the vegetative body on the ground is also promoted. It is worth mentioning that the stimulation of humic acid biostimulants is especially significant in the early stage of crop growth.

Effects of Humic Acid on Crop Growth.

Regulate the metabolic process of plants

The humic acid biostimulant contains the active functional groups such as the phenol group and the quinonyl group, can promote the increase of the enzyme activity in the plant, improve the respiration intensity and the photosynthesis intensity. Therefore it is beneficial to the synthesis, operation and accumulation of the substances.

The metabolism of the plant and the decomposition and synthesis of matter are carried out by various enzymes, and the enzyme is a substance that is closely related to the life phenomenon.

The results show that the activity of the humic acid biostimulant to the polyphenol oxidase, the peroxidase, the ascorbic acid oxidase and the like has the effect of promoting, the activity of the enzyme is enhanced, the metabolism process is accelerated, the material accumulation is increased, and the crops are mature in advance.