The application of soluble humic acid powder in industry has the following three aspects:

1.Application of soluble humic acid powder in battery.

Used in battery cathode plate, it was used early in our country. And small-scale industrial production was formed in the early 1970 s. At that time, there were humic acid plants and chemical plants with peat as raw materials, battery plants with weathered coal on the surface as raw materials. And humic acid plants with underground weathered coal as raw materials.

The  soluble humic acid powder produced by them is mainly used as expansion agent instead of carbon black as expansion agent. Which can be used to improve the performance of the battery. Prevent the bonding of the active material of the negative plate in the operation cycle. Improve the working capacity of the negative plate and improve the discharge property of the battery at low temperature and high density current.

Introduction and Application of Humic Acid in Industry.2. Soluble humic acid powder (Sodium humate) used as descaling agent.

There have been many studies and applications in boiler scale remover in our country. It is considered that sodium humate has the ability to reduce the concentration of Ca2+ in water. Except that the solid sediment produced is loose, does not touch the wall and is easy to remove.

So it can not only remove scale. But also prevent scale, and has advantages in scale remover. It is considered that it can improve the scale prevention efficiency. Reduce the growth rate of boiler scale. And also has obvious anticorrosion effect, which can save water, save energy consumption and reduce cost.

3.Sodium humate used in ceramics producing.

Used in ceramic industry, it is a multifunctional and efficient organic additive. Which has the functions of enhancement, plasticity, dilution, adsorption and so on. When it is used in plastic mud, it can improve the technological performance of mud. Improve the molding efficiency.

Improve the drying strength of billet, reduce the damage of semi-finished product and improve the product quality. When used in slurry injection, the moisture content of mud can be reduced, the strength of billet can be increased. And the first grade rate can be increased. When used in gypsum model and billet, the strength can be improved and the service life can be prolonged.

In a word, the application of soluble humic acid powder in ceramic industry can solve some technological difficulties. So as to improve product quality, reduce product cost, and is also conducive to mechanization, automation and continuous production. At present, it is an important additive agent for ceramic tiles.