How to identify the bio fulvic acid or mineral fulvic acid from fertilizer suppliers?

There are many fulvic acid suppliers in the market now. It is often asked by customer why the price of fulvic acid (potassium fulvic acid) or potassium fulvate in the market is so different. The cheap one is few thousands RMB. The expensive ones may be more than 10,000RMB.
1.  The characteristics of Bio fulvic acid.

If we buy fulvic acid from the market, will find the color is yellow, extremely moisture-absorbing.This kind is bio fulvic acid. At the beginning , bio fulvic acid was fermented from straw. But at present, most of this product on the market comes from the yeast industry.

Bio fulvic acid - fulvic acid suppliers

Bio fulvic acid is mainly the leftovers yeast producing, in the process of producing yeast, many suppliers are using molasses as raw materials. After the concentration of wastewater, spray drying, then we can get the bio fulvic acid. The final product contains calcium and magnesium, and a variety of trace elements.As well as high potassium content, mostly 10-15%. Solubility is also very good, 100 grams of water can dissolve more than 50 grams.

But it is not suitable for producing humic acid water-soluble fertilizers. As the humic acid content cannot be detected according to Chinese NY1106-2010 standards,neither using ISO humic acid test method.

2. The difference between Mineral source fulvic acid and bio fulvic acid.

Humic acid is extracted from peat, lignite and leonardite. At present, there are two kinds of potassium humate. First kind is just humic acid potassium salt, we call it potassium humate. Its resistance of hard water is not good, not suitable for drip irrigation, the price is few thousands Chinese Yuan. Another is called potassium fulvate,it contains some mineral sources of fulvic acid. The price is few thousands to tens of thousands.

Mineral fulvic acid - Fulvic acid suppliers

The most important index of mineral sources fulvic acid is whether it is resistant to hard water. Because in many areas irrigation water contains high calcium and magnesium, humic acid is not resistant to hard water, will precipitate and clog droplets.

At present, there are fulvic acid which is thousands RMB per ton from some small suppliers, this kind cannot resist hard water. For real fulvic acid, the right price must be more than tens of thousands, which can resist hard water. The right picture shows the mineral source potassium fulvic acid.