The author of the previous article “What is the difference between potassium fulvic humate and bio fulvic acid?” popularized the difference between bio fulvic acid and potassium fulvic humate. Today, this article will explain the effect and function of bio fulvic acid for plants. Before that, I have to tell you, Bio potassium fulvate and bio fulvic acid refer to the same product.

The effect and function of bio fulvic acid are two aspects. The first is the effect of bio fulvic acid for the plant itself, and the second is the effect for the external environment of the plant.

The effects and functions of bio potassium fulvate for the plant itself.

1. Stimulate plant growth:

Bio potassium fulvate is a green plant stimulant, which can stimulate the growth and division of root meristem cells, promote rapid rooting of seedlings, increase rooting amount, increase root length, and promote plant growth.Bio potassium fulvate is a green plant stimulant, it can stimulate plant growth.

2. Increase plant yield:

Bio potassium fulvate can increase the amount of chlorophyll per unit leaf area, promote photosynthesis of plants, increase dry matter accumulation, and increase plant crop yields.

3. Improve plant quality:

Bio potassium fulvate promotes the formation of protein, sugar, starch, vitamins and other organic nutrients in crops, making agricultural products taste better and more nutritious; Secondly, it can also increase the SOD content in agricultural products and significantly enhance the antioxidant properties of agricultural products.

Bio fulvic acid can improve plant quality.

4. Enhance plant resistance:

Bio potassium fulvate can reduce crop stomata opening and closing, reduce crop water transpiration, and improve crop drought resistance. It can affect the activity of enzymes in crops and affect some osmotic adjustment substances, thereby protecting the cell membrane and improving the cold resistance of crops.

The effects and functions of bio potassium fulvate for the external environment of plants.

1. Enhance the efficiency of chemical fertilizers:

Bio potassium fulvate contains functional groups such as phenolic hydroxyl group and carboxyl group. It has strong adsorption and ion exchange capabilities and can reduce the loss of ammonium nitrogen; It can increase the movement distance of phosphorus in the soil, inhibit the fixation of water-soluble phosphorus in the soil, convert ineffective phosphorus into effective phosphorus, and promote the absorption of phosphorus by roots; And it can store and absorb potassium ions and increase the effective potassium content.

Bio fulvic acid can enhance the efficiency of chemical fertilizers.

2. Improve soil structure:

Bio potassium fulvate can increase soil organic matter content, replenish soil humus, promote soil formation of aggregate structure, loosen soil, improve fertility, and enhance soil fertility and water retention.

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