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18 12月 2020

How does leonardite potassium humate improve the plants stress resistance?

Leonardite potassium humate is a mixture of natural organic macromolecular compounds, which is widely present in nature. Because of its unique physiological functions, it has been widely used in agricultural production in recent years.

In addition to improving soil, improving fertilizer efficiency, and promoting crop growth. Its role in plant stress resistance has also attracted more and more attention.Read More

20 11月 2019

Effect of humic acid products in vegetable production

Humic acid products have obvious effects in vegetable production.At present, the quality of vegetables produced is not satisfactory. Pesticide residues exceed the standard. Nitrate accumulation is serious.  Heavy metal pollution, pathogenic microorganism pollution, etc., has become a serious obstacle to the development of pollution-free vegetable production.
pesticide residue
Therefore, how to ensure the production of pollution-free vegetables, So as to meet the needs of people’s life as soon as possible? It  has become a concern and urgent problem for agricultural technology popularizers. The application of humic acid products in vegetable production will play a positive role in solving the above problems.

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