Humic acid products have obvious effects in vegetable production.At present, the quality of vegetables produced is not satisfactory. Pesticide residues exceed the standard. Nitrate accumulation is serious.  Heavy metal pollution, pathogenic microorganism pollution, etc., has become a serious obstacle to the development of pollution-free vegetable production.

Effect of humic acid products in the production of pollution-free vegetables.

  • The application of humic acid can improve the utilization rate of fertilizer.

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The vegetable is a high-fertilizer crop, and the fertilizer amount is larger than that of the large field crop. So that the use of the fertilizer in a certain range has a remarkable effect on the growth, yield and quality of the vegetables. But excessive application, not only the fertilizer efficiency is reduced, the economic waste is caused, but also the soil structure can be destroyed. So that the soil is hardened and the environment is polluted.

The excessive application of the nitrogen fertilizer has resulted in the excessive accumulation of nitrate nitrogen in the vegetables in many areas and the serious pollution of the ground water and the soil. The fertilizer utilization rate is low.

The fertilizer efficiency is reduced. And the fertilization habit of the heavy inorganic fertilizer and the light organic fertilizer has become a major obstacle to the production of the pollution-free vegetables.The potassium humate has the effects of quick-acting and yield-increasing of general chemical fertilizers.

The functions of activating soil, slow-release and fertilizing of the organic fertilizer, harmless and no pollution. And a great significance for solving the contradiction of developing agriculture and protecting the environment, and promoting the ecological circle of the ecological environment.

  • The application of fulvic acid can reduce the amount of pesticide application and reduce the pesticide residue in vegetable products.

reduce the pesticide residue, humic acid products

Inhibitory effect of fulvic acid on plant pathogens

Fulvic acid has good inhibition effect on certain plant pathogens.The application of fulvic acid in the treatment of fusarium wilt, verticillium wilt, downy mildew, root rot and the like is more than 85%. In a sense, it is also a pesticide. Although its mechanism of action is not very clear. But it is non-toxic and has no side effect.

The product not only can obviously promote the absorption of the plant to the nitrogen, the phosphorus and the potassium. But also can effectively improve the activity of the superoxide dismutase SOD and the nitrate reductase NR in the plant. So that fulvic acid can help to improve the resistance and anti-aging ability of the vegetables.

Effect of Fulvic Acid on Pesticides

The release efficiency of the fulvic acid on the pesticide can be increased. The dosage of the pesticide can be reduced.The fulvic acid can be used as a non-toxic and pollution-free substance. Not only can be used as a pesticide alone, but also can be mixed with a pesticide. The composite of humic acid , organic and inorganic phosphorus pesticide can greatly reduce the decomposition rate of the organic phosphorus.

Due to the fact that the humic acid molecules contain more hydrophilic groups and are mixed with the pesticide, the fulvic acid molecules can effectively play the good dispersing and emulsifying action.  Thereby contribut to the improvement of the pesticide activity.

In addition, the fulvic acid has a large internal surface area. Has a strong adsorption effect on the organic inorganic matters. Compatible with the pesticide. Therefore, a complex with high stability can be formed. So that the pesticide has lasting stability.

The fulvic acid and the pesticide composite can reduce the dosage of the pesticide by 1/3-1/2. The pesticide effect is delayed for 3-7 days. And the toxicity of the fulvic acid and the pesticide is greatly reduced. Which is of great significance for reducing the environmental pollution and developing the pollution-free vegetable production.

  • Soluble Humic acid (sodium humate, potassium humate) has the effect of improving soil

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Soluble Humic acid is a kind of good soil conditioner. It has an activating effect on a variety of microorganisms and enzymes in the soil. Because the humic acid is a high molecular organic compound, the air capacity is large, sufficient carbon and nitrogen elements can be provided to the soil microorganism. The microbial metabolism and the growth and development are promoted, and the microbial activity is enhanced

Meanwhile, the humic acid products can promote the formation of the soil aggregated structure. Reduce the soil bulk density. Improve the cation substitution quantity and buffer the pH. Thereby improving the soil water retention, the fertilizer retention, the heat preservation and the ventilation capacity. And finally improving the soil structure and improving the soil fertility.