Application skills of amino acid Fertilizer

1. There is no good or bad difference between animal source amino acid and plant source amino acid.

Amino acid Fertilizer can play a better role only for its characteristics. It is particularly worth noting that different amino acids have different physiological functions for crops, but the amino acids are synergistic
and interdependent. And the lack of one amino acids will cause other amino acid metabolic process to be blocked.

There is no good or bad difference between animal source amino acid and plant source amino acid.

Therefore, when selecting amino acid fertilizer, the product with complete components shall be selected as much as possible. Which means that the product preferably contains 18 amino acid species.

2. Amino acids are divided into plant source amino acids and animal source amino acids.

The effects of amino acids from different sources on crops are different because of the different proportion of amino acids. If want to improve the stress resistance of crops, then the amino acids of animal skin and bone with higher proline and glycine are good choices.

If we want to increase the lignification of plants, control shoots and increase anthocyanins, then the amino acids of animal blood sources with higher phenylalanine are good choices. If green leaves are needed to promote growth, then wheat, corn and other plant amino acids with higher glutamic acid content are effective.

3. Scientifically grasp the spray time of amino acid fertilizer.

Scientifically grasp the spray time of amino acid fertilizer.

The trunk of apricot orchard was supplemented with amino acid liquid fertilizer and sprayed 3 times every when blossoms every10- 15 days.

For apple, pear, jujube with long fruiting period, the three periods from spring sap activity to germinating stage, flowering to young fruit stage and autumn shoot length (leaf bolt aging) are the golden period of amino acid liquid fertilizer for trunk spraying.

In the middle and late stage of fruit growth, liquid fertilizer can be sprayed in combination with the control of diseases and insect pests, which does not need to be spraying. Because the coloring and ripening of fruit can be delayed after spraying, which is not beneficial to fruits.

4.Improve the fertilizer spraying technology.

  • (1)Dilution multiple when spraying. Due to different products of all kinds of fruit trees and liquid fertilizer. According to the practical results, three times is more suitable under normal circumstances, experiment first if increase the concentration.
  • (2)When applying spraying self-dispensing diluent twice in spring and autumn. You can add a small amount of nitrogen fertilizer and honey to fully stir and dissolve.
  • (3)The original brush coating effect is slow effect, and it is improved to spray (remove the sprinkler rotating blade with the backpack sprayer), Not only human labor-saving, but also spray into the bark seams, the effect is good.