The humic acid granules fertilizer refers to an organic fertilizer made of peat, lignite, leonardite and the like as main raw materials. Humic acid is an organic material which is accumulated by a series of transformation processes. Such as weathering, microbial decomposition and the change of the earth, which are widely present in peat, lignite and leonardite.

humic acid granule granular

The humic acid is composed of a plurality of elements. Such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur etc. And it also can be used for adsorbing the trace elements such as potassium, iron, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper, zinc etc. Ater the humic acid is applied to the soil, the humic acid can continuously supply nutrients for plants.

The humic acid also contains a large amount of organic matters.  Not only has the multifunctional action of the farm manure, but also has the quick-acting characteristics of the chemical fertilizer. So that the humic acid is called a multifunctional organic and inorganic compound fertilizer.

1. Characteristics of humic acid granules

1) Fertilize the soil and improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil. Years of application can make the soil fertile.  Especially in barren land and soybean field for many years,  the effect is more remarkable.

2) Improve fertilizer utilization rate. Nitrogen retention, phosphorus increase, activate potassium and trace elements. Strengthen nutrient absorption. During the whole growth period of crops, it continuously provides all kinds of nutrients needed for crop growth. And is not easy to run out of fertilizer at the later stage.

3) Promoting the development of the root system.  Protecting the seedlings. Accelerating the metabolism of the plants. Promoting the accumulation of the organic substances. And improving the nutritional status of the crops.

4) Water conservation and drought resistance. Increase ground temperature. Enhance plant stress resistance.  Reduce disease and insect pests. Promote early maturity.

5) Increase the microbial community in the soil.  Alleviate the pollution of heavy metal ions in the soil, and slow down the drug damage.

6) The low cost, input cost of fertilizer can be reduced.

2、Using methods and precautions

The effect of humic acid granular fertilizer1) Humic acid granular fertilizer is suitable for crops with long growth period. Such as in soybeans, corn, potatoes, beets and other crops. Can give full play to the characteristics of sustainability. It is applied continuously in the same plot for many years, the effect is more remarkable. And it can improve the soil in the barren plot.

2) Humic acid granules fertilizer was used instead of 25%- 30% fertilizer and mixed with chemical fertilizer. If the conventional application of diammonium phosphate 120 kg, urea 70 kg, potassium sulfate 40 kg. If humic acid granules fertilizer is mixed, the application of chemical fertilizer per hectare can be reduced to 80 kg, urea 40 kg, potassium sulfate 20 kg. Cost savings of 100 yuan per hectare (humic acid granules fertilizer is priced at 1000 yuan / t)

3) The humic acid granular fertilizer can be used as a base fertilizer and a seed fertilizer. And it  can also be used for top dressing. When the fertilizer is used as a seed fertilizer, the depth of the deep application is 7-14 cm with the uniform mixing of the chemical fertilizer. If the fertilizer is used as the base fertilizer, the ridge body is deep-clamped when the ridge is prepared in the spring and the autumn. The humic acid fertilizer can not be used alone or replace all the chemical fertilizer.