The clinical efficacy of fulvic acid supplements proved that fulvic acid supplements has anti-inflammatory, swelling, pain-relieving and anti-ulcer effects on the human body. Today author will share a set of cases of the benefits of fulvic acid supplements for cancer in the following content.

Since 1998, it has been observed that fulvic acid supplements has a certain pain-relieving effect in the treatment of cancer in Jiangxi Pingxiang Mining Bureau Hospital.

Cases of the benefits of fulvic acid supplements for cancer

There were seven cases of liver cancer, three cases of lung cancer, two cases of gastric cancer, one case of colon cancer, and two cases of lymphatic metastasis, totaling fifteen cases.

Five cases confirmed by surgical biopsy、the biochemical X-ray examination confirmed seven cases of cancer cells. The other three cases had isotope scanning or rocket electrophoresis, alpha-fetoglobulin support is based on a single item.

The patients were hospitalized for five to seven days with obvious chest and abdominal pain. Those who are not satisfied with the effects of general analgesics, antispasmodics and drugs such as vitamin K3 and Dulan Ding are the subjects of observation.

Cases of the benefits of fulvic acid supplements for cancer

Treatment method

Fulvic acid supplements formulated with Jingfeng Humic Acid Technology, after being processed by the hospital, a 5ml 0.3% solution is made for intravenous injection.

Lung cancer, liver cancer, and lymphoma use intravenous drip of 10% GS500ml + 0.3% fulvic acid supplements 20ml, Fifteen days is a course of treatment, and the second course of treatment is 7-10 days apart. During each course of treatment, blood test, urine routine 1-2 times, liver function ECG should be checked as appropriate.

Cases of the benefits of fulvic acid supplements for cancer

Stomach cancer, bowel cancer plus oral fulvic acid supplements 0.3×5 three times a day, during the intravenous drip withdrawal, the oral medication was continued.

In 15 patients, chest pain, abdominal pain, and general pain were relieved or disappeared in 2-5 days with fulvic acid supplements, and 2 cases were ineffective. (After using fulvic acid supplements, unused any analgesic and antispasmodic drugs).

From the 13 effective cases, the author selected two cases with typical representative significance to share with you in the following content:

Cases of the benefits of fulvic acid supplements for cancer

Case 1: Yang XX, male, 57 years old, worker.

The patient had mucus for a year, was losing weight day by day, then go to the hospital. At the time of diagnosis, a sigmoidoscopy revealed a lump at 13cm, but refused to be automatically discharged from the hospital. After more than one month, coming to the hospital again after having poor bowel movements. After the second microscopic examination, the tumor was found to be enlarged and a tissue biopsy was taken, which was confirmed to be adenocarcinoma. The patient refused surgical treatment and requested conservative medical treatment.

Take general symptomatic treatment, relieve pain and stop bleeding, controlling the infection for five days is ineffective, abdominal pain, bloody stools are more frequent than hospital admissions. Then give 10% G S500ml+0.3% fulvic acid supplements 20ml intravenously to the oral tablet 0.3X5, 3 times a day, after three days of medication, abdominal pain was relieved and bloody stools decreased. Five days later, significantly better and smooth bowel movements. The medication was stopped for fifteen days, but the oral administration continued. After the second course of treatment started, the blood in the stool completely disappeared after half a month, continue clinical observation.

Case 2 Yellow XX, male, 38 years old, worker

The patient worked underground, suddenly abdominal pain and sweating, emergency admission, diagnosed after surgery, hepatocellular carcinoma was confirmed by a biopsy of liver cancer causing rupture. After a month of hospitalization, the general condition improved and was discharged.

One month later, suffered from a cut in the upper abdomen. Radiation on the same side of the shoulders, back, waist, emergency admission again, check the flatness of the abdomen, the upper right abdomen is tense, the upper medial percussion on the pain rod is unclear, the hard nodular sensation of the 3.5cm tube under the 40cm xiphoid process of the right quarter rib, obvious percussion pain, the spleen is not palpable, mobile dullness () bowel sounds, Mild pitting edema of both lower limbs. Liver function is generally significantly elevated with a moderate amount of effusion in the right thoracic cavity on X-ray. He was admitted to the hospital for diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma with exudative pleurisy on the right side.

Cases of the benefits of fulvic acid supplements for cancer

After admission, given symptomatic treatment such as liver protection and support. The patient’s pain in the liver area was unbearable, and the bed was disturbed. A daily dose of Dulan Ding 100mg can relieve 2-3 hours. General analgesics are ineffective. After four days, give 10% G S500ml+0.3% fulvic acid supplements 20ml intravenously once a day, on the first day, the patient felt that the pain was relieved and could be tolerated, administration for two days, on the morning of the third day, the pain disappeared and she was able to eat a little. The drug is used for 19 days, and the situation is generally better, can get out of bed. Three days after the drug was stopped, the liver area was painful and moaning, following the above administration for two days, it is effective, there was no discomfort during the medication.


According to the observation of the department, fulvic acid supplements does have some short-term pain relief effects on the human body in the treatment of cancer, and it can replace the dosage of narcotic drugs for some patients, greatly reducing the side effects of narcotic addiction.

PS: In the above cases of the benefits of fulvic acid supplements on the human body in cancer pain relief, the fulvic acid supplements used in the department is all fulvic acid supplements developed by Jingfeng Humic Acid Technology, the production process is strictly controlled, and many clinical tests have shown that it is completely beneficial to the human body without any side effects. For more information, please consult our senior product consultant, we will give personal purchase and use recommendations based on your situation.