The application of humic acid substance in agricultural production is the initial of the comprehensive utilization of China humic acid. In order to alleviate the difficulty of the shortage of the total amount of fertilizer at that time. The mass movement of the development of humic acid organic fertilizer was carried out in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The situation of China Humic acid fertilizer in early time.

The humic acid based organic fertilizer has the yield of tens of thousands of tons to millions of tons a year. And a large number of typical examples of the remarkable effect of the application of the humic acid fertilizer have emerged. The limitation of the nutrients of the humic acid itself and the lack of scientific and technical guidance on the production and application at that time. So that the popularization and application of the humic acid fertilizer can not be sustained and healthy.

Development of China humic acid organic fertilizer

Humic acid agriculture importance1) The advantage of humic acid fertilizer itself

The humic acid fertilizer has the functions of improving the soil. Improving the fertilizer efficiency. Regulating the growth of the crops. Improving the stress resistance of the crops and improving the quality of the crops.

The development of China humic acid liquid fertilizer and humic acid crop regulator provides a practical way for the development of organic and inorganic combined fertilizer varieties.

Among that agricultural humic acid products, the development of the humic acid plant regulator fast and the variety is more. And the research and application of the fulvic acid anti-drought agent and the foliar surface spray agent have also been in the international advanced line. And the international leading level is achieved in the research of the drought-resistant mechanism of the fulvic acid.

2) Development enhanced by government

The Ministry of Agriculture have included it in key science and technology promotion projects since the eighth five-year Plan. There are arid and semi-arid areas accounting for 47% of the national land area and 52% of the cultivated land area in China.

It is preliminarily estimated that about 30,000 tons of fulvic acid is needed every year in China. And the total annual output of fulvic acid is less than 1000 tons. So the development potential is very great.

3) The application of sodium humate in aquaculture

Humic acid agriculture importance

The application of China humic acid in aquaculture has also been developed. The product has been developed from one variety of sodium humate to many varieties.  Such as humic acid selenium, humic acid mix with amino acid and trace elements.

4) The combination of humic acid and pesticide

Because most pesticide varieties are stable only under acidic conditions. Humic acid is an alkali-soluble substance. And the direct compound is limited by physical conditions. So little progress has been made. With the successful development of neutral and micro-acid anti-hard water humic acid. It is expected that the combination with pesticides to improve the efficacy and reduce drug damage will develop.

China is a large agricultural country. At present, the low yield land with low fertility level and poor physical and chemical properties accounts for about 30% of the total cultivated land. It is undoubtedly attractive and promising to study and develop the application of humic acid in agricultural production.