Haze control is a series problem

Haze control is the focus and difficulty of the whole society. Humic acid on haze resistance will be comprehensively identified according to the national meteorological industry standard “haze observation and forecast grade”.  So that humic acid will make new contributions to the national industry, agriculture and environmental protection.

Haze is the result of interaction between specific climatic conditions and human activities. Once the emission exceeds the circulation capacity and carrying capacity of the atmosphere, the concentration of fine particles continues to accumulate. Combined with the static and stable weather factors, it is very easy to produce large-scale haze.

Humic acid play a good role on resistance to haze

Humic acid is used for anti-haze 

Humic acid is a kind of natural organic acid substances decomposed and synthesized by animal and plant residues under the action of microorganisms.Due to the diversity of its constituent structures and the diversity of functional groups, it has the exaggerated property of “omnipotent response”.

Humic acid has drought resistance, transpiration resistance and other effects.  Coupled with fertilizers and pesticides. Form slow-release fertilizer. Environmental protection pesticides. Reduce the decomposition of carbon dioxide from fertilizers and pesticides to form haze composition “aerosol”.Humic acid play a good role on resistance to haze

Nanoparticles in humic acid will not conduct electricity. It is the insulator. After meeting the water in the soil, it can be turned into “superconductors”.

  1. Increase the electric potential difference of the soil. Improve the concentration of soil.
  2. Improving soil colloid stability. Release trace element which plants need.
  3. Increase soil organic and inorganic nutrients absorption by plants. Maintenance of farmland baseline, carbon sequestration to resist fog and haze.

How the humic acid works for anti haze? 

Humic acid works with intelligent materials to sense and respond to changes in the surrounding environment. And it has biosimilar reaction characteristics, such as biochemical valves, sensors and self-assembled materials with memory.

That is, humic acid anti-haze uses its hydrophilic group to make plants absorb water, and its hydrophobic group locks up water to maintain the water supply of crops for a long time. So as to play a role in dust removal and anti-haze.It also plays a role in increasing plant chlorophyll, improving root activity and promoting crop growth.

The anti-haze effect of humic acid can be evaluated by air detection and monitoring instrument (ADM).  Liquid chromatography. Inductively coupled ion-mass spectrometry (hplc-icp-ms).  Infrared (IR). UV (UV).  Fluorescence (FR).  Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). Scanning electron microscope (TEM /SEM).  Malvern nano particle size analysis and other detection technologies.

Long-term use of humic acid can fertile soil, high crop yield,  effectively reduce haze days, give us fresh air every day.