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06 1月 2020

Effects of humic acid biostimulant on crop growth.

The effects of humic acid biostimulant is obvious. A certain concentration of fulvic acid or humic acid potassium, sodium, ammonium salt solution. Through seed soaking, root dipping, spraying and root application in different growth stages of crops. Can produce corresponding stimulation. Promote crop growth and development, early maturity. Increase yield and improve quality.Read More

06 1月 2020

Effects of humic acid on crop resistance.

Our researchers have found that humic acids are beneficial to improve crop growth and environmental conditions. Under bad environmental conditions (such as drought, waterlogging, cold, heat, acid, alkali, too much fertilizer, too little).  The effects of humic acid on crop resistance is more obvious. Which is called “humus effect”. The results show that humic acid can enhance the stress resistance of crops.Read More

24 12月 2019

The humic acid can improve the yield and reduce the residual of the pollutants on the fruits and vegetables.

The effects of various humic acid fertilizers on the quality of crops have been investigated for many years in watermelons, cantaloupes, citrus, apples, beets, tobacco, vegetables, mulberry leaves, silkworm cocoons and crops.Read More

19 11月 2019

Six effects of humic acid on crops.

Six effects of humic acid on crops.Humic acid is an organic substance with amorphous reticular structure formed by the decomposition and transformation of animal and plant remains and a series of chemical processes. Mainly includes carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur, with molecular weights ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands or even millions. It is considered that humic acid is more likely to exist in supramolecular state in soil. Humic acid has high physicochemical activity, physiological activity and optical activity. Which further determines the multifunctional application of humic acid in the field of plant protection.

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