Advantage of Fulvic acid

Fulvic acid is the essence of humic acid.  Which has high quality, concentrated shrinkage and good solubility. It is the most active, drought-resistant and stress-resistant substance in humic acid. It can inhibit the dormancy of plants. Make plants recycle and absorb all kinds of nutrients.  Enhance the physiological function of plants.  Achieve the purpose of rapid growth, optimize quality. Increase production and increase income. Non-toxic, pollution-free, harm-free, especially suitable for the development of green agriculture. So that the production of grain, vegetables, fruits and so on in line with the requirements of green food, conducive to the protection of the ecological environment and human health.

1.The fulvic acid foliar fertilizer can improve the yield and quality of the crop

It has been proved that the fulvic acid foliar fertilizer can increase the yield of various crops by more than 20%,  or even more than 50%. The grain is full.  The fruit is symmetrical and fresh, sweet and delicious. The vegetables are fresh and tender. The use of the hormone also has the effect of increasing the yield.

But the product quality is very different. Many people know that the farm produce with a hormone-inducing effect is not good. Mainly due to the rapid growth of the hormone-stimulating crops and the lack of nutrition.  Thus affecting the quality. In addition, some hormones may be harmful to the human body because of the variation of agricultural products.

And the fulvic acid foliar fertilizer is a non-hormone full-nutrition type fertilizer.  Which is quite different from that of other fertilizer. Can automatically adjust the physiological function of the plant. Supplement various nutrients of the plant. Make the growth and development of the plant be transformed into a benign transformation.

Thereby optimizing the quality, early maturity. Prolonging the harvesting time and increasing the yield and the income.

Fulvic acid foliar fertilizer.

2.Anti-disease and anti-disaster of fulvic acid foliar fertilizer.

1. Anti-disease

Crop illness is sometimes caused by a lack of certain trace elements. And the fulvic acid foliage fertilizer contains various trace elements. So that the crops sprayed by the fulvic acid foliar fertilizer. The leaves are green and sweet, and the fruits are full and the disease is less.

The most fundamental reason is that the crops are provided with comprehensive nutrition supply and physiological regulation. The growth vigor is strong. The disease resistance capability is enhanced. So that the crops are good in nutrition and strong in body. The anti-disease capacity is strong.

2.  Anti-stress

The unique method of the fulvic acid foliar fertilizer is to promote the development of the root system of the plant and the formation of the chlorophyll. The crops can be cold-resistant, drought-resistant and resistant to lodging through the developed root system.

And the sufficient water and nutrients are absorbed. If the land is flooded, the root respiration is reduced, the nutrient can not be absorbed. The fulvic acid foliage fertilizer is sprayed on the leaves and the branches.  So that the crops can be supplemented with comprehensive nutrition. The vitality is restored, so that the water logging can be prevented.

3. How fulvic acid effect to crops

The fulvic acid foliage fertilizer can increase the chlorophyll.  Enhance the photosynthesis. Keep the crops fresh and active.  Improve the stress resistance. So that the fulvic acid foliage fertilizer can resist the natural disasters such as cold wave and summer heat.

If the crop is affected by the drought, the fulvic acid foliage fertilizer can turn it green and restore the vitality. Which is like  “to bring back to life”. The fulvic acid foliage fertilizer has a characteristic. That is,  the enough aftereffect, even if the crop is over the season, the youth is long in “, the extension period.

3. Fulvic acid foliar fertilizer can improve soil.

The fulvic acid foliar fertilizer contains a plurality of beneficial microbial populations. It is used for mixing the base fertilizer or the ground surface. And the organic matter in the soil is decomposed into the humus under the action of the microorganism. And can be converted into the nutrient which is easy to absorb by the plant.

The humus forms a granular structure in the soil.  So that the soil can increase the pores and become loose, and the hardening can be prevented. The water, the fertilizer, the air, the heat and the like are coordinated.

And thus a good environmental condition for root absorption is formed. Because the fulvic acid foliar fertilizer can improve the soil. Make the soil better and better. The soil can be used in the year of the year.  The effect is better than a year. And the soil is not degraded like some chemical fertilizer or other type of spraying and fertilization which effect become worse and worse.

4.Fulvic acid foliar fertilizer can improve the quality of preservation

Picked fruits, vegetables and flowers do not immediately stop life activities. Can also exchange materials and energy with the surrounding environment through surface cells.  Can breathe air.

As a result, some harmful microorganisms take advantage of the opportunity to invade. The harvest products deterioration and decay. If the fulvic acid foliar fertilizer is sprayed, it can form a nutritional protective film on the epidermis to prolong the vitality. While it also can use beneficial microorganisms to stop the invasion of harmful microorganisms. Which can prolong the preservation period of agricultural products.

5.Agricultural products can be sold in advance after spraying fulvic acid foliar fertilizer

Fulvic acid foliar fertilizer is an ecological nutrient solution with no toxic residue. It can be collected and put on the market at any time after spraying. So it is suitable for the production of green pollution-free fruits and vegetables.

6.The application of fulvic acid foliar fertilizer can reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer and pesticide.

The effect of topdressing and plant protection can be achieved by spraying fulvic acid three or four times at seedling stage, growing period, flowering stage and fruiting stage. So the dosage of chemical fertilizer and pesticide can be reduced accordingly.

Because of the long-term use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the dependence of crops and soils on pesticides and fertilizers can not be interrupted immediately. So the use of fulvic acid foliarfertilizer in the first year can be reduced by 20% to 30%. Then decreased year by year.

In recent years, agricultural experts from abroad and Taiwan have found and concluded that some microorganisms can replace chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The use of these microbial preparations can reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Also achieve the purpose of increasing crop production. Which is consistent with the effect of fulvic acid foliar fertilizer.