Definition of Bio potassium fulvate

The bio potassium fulvate (bio fulvic acid) is a kind of fertilizer, which can resist the acid and alkali, resist the oxidation, strongly chelate with divalent cation. So that the organic compound trace element can be formed with the metal ions such as Fe, Cu, Zn, Mn, Ca etc. The absorption and utilization of the mineral by the plant can be promoted. If there is high content of fulvic acid inside, we also call it potassium fulvic acid.
Bio potassium fulvate(fulvic acid) and humic acid

Bio Potassium fulvate is brown yellow powder. Instant solution. No residue. As well as a large number of B vitamins, vitamin C, inositol, polysaccharide, etc.  PH 5-6. Its activity is 10 times as much as natural humic acid. And also contains a variety of vitamins, trace elements, bacterial proteins, nucleic acid, surface active substances and growth promoting factors (bioactive substances).

Characteristics of Bio potassium fulvate

Bio Potassium fulvate fertilizer is a kind of high efficient macromolecular organic compound. Stimulate crops to take root quickly, take root more, grow healthily, increase chlorophyll, Vc content and sugar content. Play a role in drought resistance, cold resistance, disease resistance. It is a kind of high quality and low price complexing agent.

The product is fully water soluble, acid and alkali resistant, resistant to bivalent ions, can be co-dissolved with a variety of trace elements and macro elements, without flocculation. Used as foliar fertilizer, organic fertilizer, flushing fertilizer, organic fertilizer, pesticide fertilizer, biological fertilizer, aquatic product main agent or additive.

Bio Potassium fulvate flushing fertilizer is a new type of pure natural mineral active potash fertilizer. Which belonging to green high-efficiency and energy-saving fertilizer. With the appearance of coffee color, containing pesticide composition, and has the characteristic of instant and quick effect.

It can effectively kill all kinds of underground pests, and has special effect on preventing the occurrence of root-knot nematode disease. It can extend the preservation period and picking period of fruits and vegetables, prevent falling flowers, drop fruits, increase the sugar content of fruits and improve the quality of fruits. It is a kind of super efficient, super-concentrated new biofertilizer required by farmers’ friends.

Bio potassium fulvate dosage and usage

    1. -The product can be used as a base fertilizer, a hole application fertilizer and an flushing application fertilizer, 50 kg per 665㎡.
    2. -This product can be sprayed with drip irrigation, 10 kg per mu
    3. -Can be used as powdery plastic film. This product is evenly scattered in the need of plastic film soil. 10 minutes can form a film.  After emergence of seedlings automatically degraded into fertilizer. Save money and labor!
    4. -The conventional dilution multiple of this product is 10 – 800 times, and the maximum dilution multiple can reach 1500 times.
    5. -Fertilizer manufacturers can reasonably mix this product with other raw materials according to their own fertilizer standards.  Such as amino acids, humic acid, organic matter, trace elements, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and so on.
    6. -This product is very broad-use. Can be used as the main body, the carrier to produce foliar fertilizer, micro fertilizer, flushing fertilizer, root irrigation fertilizer, compound fertilizer, biological bacteria fertilizer, water culture medium and other fertilizers. As well as seed coating agent, stirring agent, root dipping agent, dipping rootagent and other products.  Can also be used to improve soil, adjust soil PH, buffer saline and alkali.
    7. -This product can also be used as a variety of pesticide carriers (especially pesticide and fertilizer products) and pesticide enhancers. It can also be used as raw slurry coated with organic-inorganic compound fertilizer granulated in high tower.

Warm reminder:

This product is rich in unknown growth factor (UGF), has a strong stimulating effect on crops, so for the original product to add sodium nitrophenol, Naphthalene acetic acid, gibberellin and other synthetic hormones manufacturers can reduce the use of synthetic hormones by 30% and 50% as appropriate.

Because this product belongs to high concentration product, the content of effective ingredient is high, the raw material of foliar fertilizer can expand the dilution multiple of foliar fertilizer, and reduce the use of synthetic hormone. As flushing fertilizer can be diluted as appropriate, and the use effect can be guaranteed; at the same time, bio potassium fulvate can also be used as a finished product of foliar spray fertilizer, the effect is outstanding.