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29 1月 2021

Application effect of humate organic fertilizer and humate humic acid on flower cultivation

Humate humic acid, as an important component of soil humus, has significant application effects in flower cultivation. For example, humic acid raw material peat as the main component of the substrate is widely used in flower seedlings, transplanting, cuttings, and potting, which greatly promotes the development of the flower industry ; Humate organic fertilizer and humate humic acid have significant effects in promoting the growth and development of flowers, increasing flower output, regulating flowering period, prolonging the ornamental period, and improving ornamental properties. Now, by consulting the literature of the past 10 years, the application effects of humate organic fertilizer on flowers are summarized as follows.

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18 12月 2020

How does leonardite potassium humate improve the plants stress resistance?

Leonardite potassium humate is a mixture of natural organic macromolecular compounds, which is widely present in nature. Because of its unique physiological functions, it has been widely used in agricultural production in recent years.

In addition to improving soil, improving fertilizer efficiency, and promoting crop growth. Its role in plant stress resistance has also attracted more and more attention.Read More

24 12月 2019

The humic acid can improve the yield and reduce the residual of the pollutants on the fruits and vegetables.

The effects of various humic acid fertilizers on the quality of crops have been investigated for many years in watermelons, cantaloupes, citrus, apples, beets, tobacco, vegetables, mulberry leaves, silkworm cocoons and crops.Read More

23 12月 2019

Great potential of humic acid fertilizer

Great potential of humic acid fertilizer.China is the largest fertilizer market in the world. With the increasing amount of chemical fertilizer in farmland in China, the supply of chemical fertilizer is still relatively tight.  And the cultivated land with chemical fertilizer is easy to be consolidated year after year. Which affects the growth of crops. In the face of the serious destruction of soil structure and the decline of soil fertility in China. It is a very effective method to strengthen the application of humic acid in agricultural fertilizer.Read More

20 11月 2019

Humic acid benefits – the best new type of fertilizer

Humic acid is a natural macromolecular organic polymer. Which is mainly divided into fulvic acid, brown humic acid, black humic acid and so on. It has become a green motive material for the sustainable development of the national economy because of its physical and chemical properties and biological activities.Such as chelation, adsorption, infiltration, bonding, exchange, dilution, slow release, stability, surface activity and so on.So what’s the humic acid benefits in soil?

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19 11月 2019

Synergistic effect of humic acid on chemical fertilizer.

Synergistic effect of humic acid on chemical fertilizer.With the rapid development of China’s chemical industry, the production and application of chemical fertilizers have been increasing. Increasing application of chemical fertilizers has undoubtedly played an important role in the development of agricultural production. However, with the increase of fertilizer application, the cost of fertilizer application increases and the utilization rate of fertilizer decreases. Currently, utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer in China is 30-50%.  The utilization rate of phosphate fertilizer is 10-20%.  The utilization rate of potash fertilizer is 50-70%.There are many ways to improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer. How to improve the utilization rate of fertilizer has become a very important research topic all over the world. Currently, the most effective achievement is to use biological active additives to activate humic acid. Enhance its chemical and biological activities such as chemical synthesis, adsorption, chelation and microbial reproduction to effectively improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer.Read More

19 11月 2019

Six effects of humic acid on crops.

Six effects of humic acid on crops.Humic acid is an organic substance with amorphous reticular structure formed by the decomposition and transformation of animal and plant remains and a series of chemical processes. Mainly includes carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur, with molecular weights ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands or even millions. It is considered that humic acid is more likely to exist in supramolecular state in soil. Humic acid has high physicochemical activity, physiological activity and optical activity. Which further determines the multifunctional application of humic acid in the field of plant protection.

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19 11月 2019

Benefits of humic acid for plants.

Benefits of humic acid for plants.

Benefits of Humic Acid for Plants Growth

The potassium, sodium, ammonium salt solution of the fulvic acid or the humic acid at a certain concentration can be applied to different growth stages of the crops in such ways as dipping root, the spraying and the root application and etc.  So that the corresponding stimulation can be produced. The growth and development of the crops can be promoted. Early maturity, yield increased, and quality improved.

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