With the improvement of human living standard, not only the higher yield of crops, but also the good quality characteristics are required. The quality of agricultural products is affected by many factors. The most important factor is fertilizer. The potassium humate  benefits for plants is remarkable, especially on increasing yield and economic benefit. Furthermore, as a pollution-free organic fertilizer, it can improve the quality of agricultural products.It’s also an important product of green basic industry.

1. Potassium humate benefits for plants quality

Potassium humate benefits for plants

(1)Compared with inorganic fertilizer,using potassium humate organic fertilizer can increase the yield, crude protein content and starch by 25%, 6.6% and 10.5%, respectively.

(2)The application of potassium humate in wheat increase the yield by 6.8% – 12%. Less investment, fast effect. Long fertilizer efficiency (fertilizer efficiency period more than one year), and remarkable economic benefit. The yield increase is more than 11%, the input-output ratio is 1 :40, and the effect is very good, so it is suitable for popularization.

(3)The application of potassium humate in corn can promote the early maturity of corn. The average yield of corn is 7-9% higher than that of other fertilizers.

2. Effect on vegetables

Compared with other fertilizers, potassium humate increased potato starch content by more than 10%. Increased yield by 12 -19%. Increased vitamin by 65.8% and increased yield by 20- 35%. It was convenient to store for a long time and had no harm of fertilizer.

3. Potassium humate benefits for plants fruitPotassium humate benefits for plants

(1) Effect of potassium humate on sugar content of cantaloupe.The sugar content of cantaloupe increased by 8- 15% .

(2)Effects on sugar and vitamin C content of watermelon. After the application of potassium humate, the sugar content and vitamin C content of watermelon increased by 13- 31.3% and 3- 42.6%, respectively. In the soil with poor fertility, the sugar content and vitamin C content by using potassium humate organic fertilizer were 16 -31% , 13.4 – 63.6% higher than those of chemical fertilizer respectively.