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03 Jan 2020

The application of humic acid in vegetable production.

At present, the quality of vegetables is not satisfactory. Pesticide residues exceed the standard. Nitrate accumulation is serious. Heavy metal pollution, pathogenic microorganism pollution occurs from time to time. Which has become a serious obstacle to the development of green pollution-free vegetable production. The application of humic acid in vegetable production can play a positive role in solving the above problems.Read More

30 Dec 2019

Humic Acid Application in Battery.

The expansion agent of the cathode plate of the humic acid lead storage battery has the advantages of improving the capacity.

The humic acid application in the battery is very valuable. Improving the low temperature and room temperature starting performance of the battery. Preventing the caking of the cathode active material in the cycle process. Improving the working ability of the cathode heat preservation and thawing. Saving lead powder and prolonging the service life of the battery etc. Which are indispensable additives in the production of the lead battery at present. According to preliminary calculation, the annual demand of humic acid cathode plate expander is about 1000T in China.Read More

30 Dec 2019

Development prospect of China humic acid organic fertilizer

The application of humic acid substance in agricultural production is the initial of the comprehensive utilization of humic acid in China. In order to alleviate the difficulty of the shortage of the total amount of fertilizer at that time. The mass movement of the development of humic acid organic fertilizer was carried out in the late 1970s and early 1980s.Read More

27 Dec 2019

Humic acid uses in agriculture.(On pesticides and on soil)

Humic acid has a wide range of uses in agriculture.Humic acid is a good biological activity. The organic carrier, which is composed of a plurality of functional groups, is also an intermediate substance with the function of plant respiration and photosynthesis. So that it has a large capacity and can be combined with a plurality of substances.

The humic acid uses in agriculture has the following two aspects:

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27 Dec 2019

Application of soluble humic acid powder in industry.

The application of soluble humic acid powder in industry has the following three aspects:

1.Application of soluble humic acid powder in battery.

Used in battery cathode plate, it was used early in our country. And small-scale industrial production was formed in the early 1970 s. At that time, there were humic acid plants and chemical plants with peat as raw materials, battery plants with weathered coal on the surface as raw materials. And humic acid plants with underground weathered coal as raw materials. The  soluble humic acid powder produced by them is mainly used as expansion agent instead of carbon black as expansion agent. Which can be used to improve the performance of the battery. Prevent the bonding of the active material of the negative plate in the operation cycle. Improve the working capacity of the negative plate and improve the discharge property of the battery at low temperature and high density current.Read More

23 Dec 2019

Humic acid – good chelating effect

Humic acid - good chelating effectAs the fusion of the macro elements fertilizer, the humic acid can be used for fusing the N, P, K.  Such as the humic acid nitrogen fertilizer, the humic acid phosphate fertilizer, the humic acid potassium fertilizer and the humic acid compound fertilizer. The humic acid is mixed with N, P, K, has the characteristics of flexible and diversified functions, prominent function, remarkable efficiency and high utilization rate.  And can achieve the integration effect of 1 + 1> 2.Read More

23 Dec 2019

Great potential of humic acid fertilizer

Great potential of humic acid fertilizer.China is the largest fertilizer market in the world. With the increasing amount of chemical fertilizer in farmland in China, the supply of chemical fertilizer is still relatively tight.  And the cultivated land with chemical fertilizer is easy to be consolidated year after year. Which affects the growth of crops. In the face of the serious destruction of soil structure and the decline of soil fertility in China. It is a very effective method to strengthen the application of humic acid in agricultural fertilizer.Read More

19 Nov 2019

Humic acid application in environmental protection.

Humic acid application in environmental protection.The purification and protection effect of humic acid on environment.

The environmental purification effect of humic acid includes three aspects,

1. Humic acid application in Bioremediation

Through the humus process, in which plant residues and organic wastes form humic acid through microbial action. Heavy metals and toxic chemicals are adsorped, fixed or decomposed to play a role in purifying the ecological environment. Studies show that high temperature composting of agricultural waste can remove 50~100% pesticides, 20~90% polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and significantly reduce the toxicity of heavy metals.This bioremediation process not only removes some environmental toxins. But also turns waste into treasure. Becoming an important supplementary source of soil humic acid.Read More