Water soluble humic and fulvic acid fertilizer uses for plants

Soil irrigation

When watering(Suggest customer to buy potassium humate ) or irrigating the soil(suggest customer to buy potassium fulvate). Mix it in the irrigated water. So that the roots of the plant can be fully exposed to fertilizer. And the chemical nutrients can be transported to the tissues of the plant through the respiratory crops of the root.

Foliar fertilizer

The product suggested to buy is fulvic acid. Firstly, Dilute and dissolve the water-soluble humic acid fertilizer in water, or with non-alkaline pesticides (most of the commonly used pesticides are non-alkaline) for foliar spraying.The water-soluble fertilizer enters the plant’s interior through leaf stomata. For some young plants or crops with poor root system. It is the best choice to correct the deficiency. Which greatly improves the efficiency of fertilizer absorption and utilization. And saves the transportation process of nutrients in plants.humic and fulvic acid fertilizer uses

Drip irrigation, sprinkling irrigation, soilless cultivation

The product suggested to buy is fulvic acid. In some desert areas or areas of extreme water shortage, as well as large-scale plantation farms, as well as high-quality high-value-added economic crop plantations, irrigation water is often saved and labour productivity is improved by drip irrigation, sprinkling irrigation and soilless culture techniques. This is called the “water and fertilizer integration”.humic and fulvic acid fertilizer uses

That is, when irrigation, the humic and fulvic acid fertilizer has been dissolved in water, and the watering is also the process of fertilization. The nutrition needed by the plant can be obtained through the water-soluble fertilizer, the water is saved, the fertilizer is saved, and the labor force is saved. The water-soluble fertilizer has the greatest advantage that water saved, the fertilizer saved, and the labor saved.

Base Fertilizer

The difference between mineral source potassium fulvate and potassium humate - The technical support from potassium humate supplier

Another main humic and fulvic acid fertilizer uses is to regulate soil pH. The best choice is granule type potassium humate. Have round prill, irregular crystal and pillar three type. The high organic carbon content in potassium humate could reach the carbon source in soil. The weak acid of humic acid is friendly to plant growth.