1. Two Kinds Of Potassium Humate For Plants

For plant use,we are supplying two kinds of potassium humate.

Compared with ordinary potassium fertilizer, the utilization rate of potassium humate fertilizer was increased by 87%-95%, the fertilizer efficiency was enhanced. The crop yield was increased.  The quality was improved. It has the special effects of the combination of land use and land cultivation. Long-term effect coordination with quick effect.  Water conservation, fertilizer conservation effect and so on. It combines the advantages of inorganic fertilizer and farm fertilizer and is superior to them.Potassium Humate For Plants

Potassium humate  has a good function of nutrient release regulation and control. It is a very good controlled release fertilizer. So that the nutrients in the early stage are not too much, in the later stage are not too low, and the fertilizer supply curve is stable.

The release rate can be regulated by physical and chemical biotechnology.  The two-way regulation of release promotion and slow release can be realized. The supply of nutrient elements in fertilizer is basically synchronized with the demand of crops for nutrients, and the dynamic balance is realized.

2. Green Natural Organic Fertilizer

Potassium Humate For PlantsThe common chemical fertilizer is easy to make the soil hardened and the water and gas are polluted. But the potassium humate can avoid or obviously reduce.

And the yield of the crops is obviously increased. The quality of the crops is improved. The nutrient components of the crops are enhanced. The content of the nitrate is reduced. The color, the fragrance, the taste and the storage property are all good.

Potassium humate is the material base of the agricultural clean production and the green food with the function of environmental protection. The loss of potassium humate for plants is low, the utilization rate is high, the plant absorption is stable, the yield and the quality are improved.

It is the “green” potash fertilizer for agricultural application, and is an alternative product of the common agricultural potassium chloride and potassium sulfate. The potassium humate is suitable for any crops and can be applied in combination with the common chemical fertilizer.