Bio fulvic acid round granuleBio fulvic acid round granule, also called as bio potassium fulvate. Fully water soluble. Made from bio fulvic acid powder, spraying granulation production process, with 5%max moisture.

Appearance: Brown or dark brown, Granular

Odour: Typical smell of fertilizer, coffee smell

Physico-chemical Characteristics

Total nitrogen (on dry)≥2.0 %
K2O (on dry)≥8.0 %
Organic matter (on dry)≥30%
Fulvic acid (on dry)≥30%
pH value4.5-8.0
Lead≤50.0 mg/kg
Arsenic≤15.0 mg/kg


1.Irrigation/spaying: Dilute the fertilizer with 500-800 times water before irrigation/spraying. Apply 200-400kg/ha.

2.Drop-irrigation: Dilute the fertilizer with 800-1000 times water before irrigation. Irrigate 3-5 times. Apply 200-400kg/ha.

3.As base fertilizer, apply 300-600kg/ha with appropriate amount compound fertilizer 5-7 days before crops transplanting or 5-7 days after harvest.

Apply bio fulvic acid round granule with mineral fertilizer for better effect.

Bio fulvic acid round granule Major functions:

1. Kinds of nutrition and timely is rich in Organic matter ,amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids, betaine and bio-fulvic acid, while it contains inorganic (N+P2O5+K2O) nutrients and calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, zinc, manganese, copper, molybdenum, boron and other trace elements, which satisfy the requirements of crops. Nutritional balance improve crop growth, buds fatness, roots strength, seeding vigorous, well leaf photosynthesis, lodging-resistance, high fruit set rate, and make the crops early bring forward market and extend the harvest picking.

2. Improvement of nutrients balance in the soil. Application of fertilizers can promote the formation of aggregate structure and improve the capacity of soil permeability, water, fertilizer and drainage by the gelation, adsorption and mineralization, and coordinate the four factors of supplement of water, fertilizer, gas and heat in the arable land, so that to achieve sustainable use of soil.

3. Complement organic matter, activate available Microorganisms. Beneficial bacteria break down the fixed NPK nutrients in soil, reduce losses and improve fertilizer efficiency, and inhibit the spread of harmful micro-organisms development, active plant activity, and improve crop resistance, anti-cropping and so on.

Package and storage:

20 or 25kg/bag. To be stored in cool, dry and ventilated place.

Shelf Life 24 Months