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15 1月 2021

How to apply organic humic acid to make it fully effective?

Most customers have asked me how to use organic humic acid(We can just call it humic acid, because any source of humic acid is organic). Today we will explain the application method of humic acid from three aspects to let your humic acid maximize its effect.Read More

08 1月 2021

Application of humic acid sodium salt in ceramic Industry

Humic acid sodium salt(sodium huamte) for ceramics is made from Leonardite. After extraction from alkali, adjusting the PH,concentration, drying and crushing, the finished product contains more than 60% humic acid, iron content less than 0.5, PH 8-10 , Particle size 60mesh. Its action mechanism, effect and dosage are briefly described below,Read More

19 11月 2019

Sodium humate work as an water purifying agent in aquaculture.

Sodium humate work as an water purifying agent in aquaculture.During aquaculture feeding, sodium humate is an important water purifying agent. With low cost and a good effect.

1. Increase production, reduce disease and pollution.

  1. Many fish farms reflect the increase of the feeding amount of the fish after feeding the sodium humate to the fish.  And the disease resistance and the survival rate of the larvae are obviously improved. The fish farm soak the feed corn flour with sodium humate at a concentration of 4 % to feed fish. 40days after, the survival rate of white herring and grass carp was 28.4% and 24.5% higher than that in the control group.  And the weight gain was higher than that of the control by 19.8% and 34.5%, respectively.

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19 11月 2019

Sodium humate uses in feed additive for livestock.

The sodium humate uses in livestock feed additives is very obvious. Sodium humateSodium humate uses in feed additive for livestock. is a kind of macromolecular organic weak acid sodium salt with many functions made of leonardite, peat and lignite . Its structure is relatively complex. It is known that humic acid molecule contains benzene ring, thick ring and some heterocyclic ring. Each aromatic ring is connected with bridge bond. Aromatic ring has various functional groups, mainly carboxyl group, phenolic group, hydroxyl group, methoxy group, quinone group, etc. The content of dry basis humic acid in sodium humate is more than 70%.  Which is a good veterinary medicine and feed additive for the production of green milk meat egg food.Read More

15 11月 2019

Application of sodium humate in aquaculture.

Application of sodium humate in aquaculture.The application of sodium humate in aquaculture has the following points:

1.Reduce the toxicity of heavy metal substances and purify the aquaculture water environment.

Humic acid is a stable natural macromolecular mixed organic matter with aromatic structure. Sodium hydroxide ion exchange (acid-base reaction)It forms soluble sodium humate by ion exchange with sodium hydroxide. To be exact, sodium humate is a strong alkali and weak acid salt. Because of the reticular spatial structure of humic acid and the existence of a variety of active functional groups, sodium humate has the dual properties of physical adsorption and chemical adsorption.

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