If you are engaged in the aquaculture industry, choosing to use sodium humate this product will be a good choice for you. Its price is affordable, and it has an obvious beneficial effect to improve the quality of aquatic products and the aquatic environment. Yesterday’s article ” The role of sodium humate in aquaculture (part 1) “ has introduced part of effect of sodium humate in aquaculture. Now we will introduce the rest part through this article.

The role of sodium humate in aquaculture

3. Reduce drug residues and improve aquatic product quality

The basic structure of sodium huamte is the basic structure of many polysaccharides and antibiotics. Which can promote the development of immune organs and epithelial mesh cells of cultured animals. Furthermore increase the number of phagocytes in the blood of the body, improve the antibody content. Thus improve the non-specific immune ability of animals.

Sodium humate can reduce or replace the antibiotics and other drugs added to the feed, reduce or remove drug residues, improve the quality of aquatic products, therefore it can meet the standard of green food.

The role of sodium humate in aquaculture: Reduce drug residues and improve aquatic product quality.

4. Water regulating and detoxification, water quality fertilization and improvement
  • (1) Sodium humate can quickly degrade disinfectant, pesticides, heavy metal ions, cyanobacteria and other substances toxicity.
  • (2) Decompose aquatic animal waste, residual body and feed residue, and effectively eliminate harmful toxic ingredients such as hydrogen sulfide, nitrite and ammonia nitrogen in water.
  • (3) Adjust the pH of water environment, increase water environment dissolved oxygen, prevent water eutrophication, and play a good regulating role on the aquaculture environment.
  • (4) As well as sodium humate contains special amino acids and other high activity nutritional organic matter, which can make beneficial algae quickly become a dominant population, inhibit the growth of harmful algae, balance algae phase, and stabilize water quality.

In recent years, the application and effect of sodium humate have been widely recognized by the aquaculture user groups. However, the products on the market are hard to distinguish.

The production process and raw material formula are different, resulting in the great difference in the use effect of the final product. Due to this situation, consumers will face choice problem. In order to solve this problem, shandong jingfeng humic acid technology co., LTD., developed a standard authoritative sodium humate products. It is fully soluble in water, improve the quality of aquatic products and water environment. Pirce is affordable, after-sales guaranteed. Looking forward to establishing a cooperative relationship with you.

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The above content is the author want to introduce, we explained the affection of sodium humate aquaculture through two articles, and will continue to update the content about sodium humate at the same time next week.