Tell you the essential difference between seaweed extract, humic acid, amino acids and fish protein.

At present, there are many humic acid, amino acid, fish protein and seaweed extract foliar fertilizers on the market, but everyone has a little knowledge of these products, and they don’t understand the difference between them. Now I will share it with you which is easy to understand and easy to remember.

First, humic acid.

Most humic acids on the market contain fulvic acid, black humic acid and brown humic acid. Among them, the fulvic acid in it has a regulating effect and belongs to bio-stimulants, which can promote the growth of crops and control the expansion of crop stomata.

The most prominent role of humic acid in agricultural applications is the improvement of soil and the transformation of nutrients, making it easier and more efficient for crops to absorb. If humic acid is simply used for foliar spraying without mixing with other elements, the effect is not very satisfactory. The use of simple fulvic acid alone can regulate the growth and promote the growth of crops, and at the same time can expand the stomata of crops, which can play a good role in drought resistance.

Therefore, many people call Zinc humate, Fe humate and son on humic acid chelated fertilizers, refers primarily to the transformation function of humic acid on nutrients. Moreover if talking about the regulation to crops, it should be the effect of fulvic acid.

Secondly, fish protein and amino acids.

Fish protein is a large molecule of organic matter. After being broken down, it is known as amino acid. However, some amino acids currently on the market are manufactured by chemical methods, such as hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid, which will damage the types of amino acids. At the same time, there may be residual hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid. Therefore, the types of amino acids produced by the biological fermentation method are abundant and the residues are relatively small. Fish protein is a good amino acid product.

The biggest difference between amino acid and humic acid is that amino acid is a direct component of crops. In other words, after absorption, amino acid directly becomes part of the metabolic process. And it is transformed into what is most needed by crops. Fulvic acid promotes the synthesis of the most needed thing after absorption. Therefore, amino acids have always been a better source of organic nitrogen for crops. It is through this direction to promote crop growth.

Finally, seaweed extract.

Seaweed contains a variety of plant growth regulators, mainly to promote plant growth by promoting cell division and growth, and strengthening metabolism.

To sum up, function of humic acid and seaweed on crops is to promote the growth of crops through the environment or adjust a certain link of crop metabolism. Fish protein amino acids are directly absorbed by crops and form the body structural. The plant body can be compared to a car processing factory.

The goal of our agricultural planting is to make the factory produce more. Using fish protein is equivalent to providing semi-finished products such as wheels and engines to the car factory, eliminating the need for the factory to process rubber into wheels. Then the process of processing steel into engines reduces the production links of the factory and increases output. Using humic acid and seaweed extract is equivalent to giving party lessons to the workers in the factory, increasing their work enthusiasm and work efficiency, thereby increasing output.

Everyone should pay attention to that, whether it is humic acid or seaweed extract, their promotion and catalysis of crops requires the crop itself to have relevant element supplies. If not, it is difficult to make any movement. For example, you have increased the enthusiasm of the workers, but without steel and rubber, the workers can only be anxious and cannot produce anything.

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