Humic and fulvic acid is leonardite source.  100% water soluble humate flakes or powder. Contains both humic acid and fulvic acid.  As well as added nutrients K inside. Not only work as a fertilizer.  But also work as a soil conditioner. Application method, make a solution by adding 0.5 teaspoons per 4 litre of water.  Can be soil drenched or foliar applied.  Apply every week.

What is the effect of the humic fulvic acid foliar fertilizer on the vegetable and fruit?

  • – The content of potato starch increased by more than 10%, and the yield increased by 12 -19%.
  • – Tomato increased vitamin by 14.8%, increase yield by 20%- 35%. Easy to store for a long time, free of chemical fertilizer pollution (excluding harmful chemicals).
  • – In cucumber, protein, carbohydrate, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene and other nutrients increased by more than 10%, fruit setting rate increased by more than 50%, and yield increased by 30%.
  • – The effective components of trace selenium, such as celery, were significantly increased.  The yield was increased by more than 30%.

The application on the melon and fruit

  • – The effect on the sugar content of the cantaloupe: The sugar content of the cantaloupe is increased by 8-15%.
  • – Effect on sugar content and vitamin C of water melon:  The sugar content of watermelon increased by 13-31.3% and the content of vitamin C increased by 3-42.6%.
  • – In the soil with poor fertility: After application, the content of sugar increase by 16-31% and vitamin C increased by 13.4-63.6%.

Recommended applicable crops

Apple, pear, peach, apricot, plum, persimmon,fig, cherry, lemon, walnut, pomegranate, chestnut, jujube, grape, mulberry, hawthorn, ginseng fruit, plum, kiwi, citrus, litchi, pomegranate, mango, grapefruit, star fruit and other fruit trees