Simple and rapid way to identify fulvic acid (Some following parts are called FA.) in humic acid products.

1.Question about fulvic acid 

At present, there are many potassium fulvate or potassium humate on the market. A lot of customers ask, how do you know if their products actually contain FA without good testing conditions? In fact, as long as we know the properties of fulvic acid, we can simply identify whether the product contains FA, which is called qualitative in chemistry. Of course, quantitative words also need to pass strict testing to know.

2.Simple discriminant method

Mineral source fulvic acid is the smallest molecular weight component of humic acid products. While other humic acids, such as black humic acid and brown humic acid, are insoluble in acids. We can use this property to easily identify FA in the humic acid products you bought.

Methods: take 0.1g and dissolve it in 1000ml water (both tap water and pure water are acceptable).  Dilute it by 10000 times. Add a small amount of sulfuric acid (or hydrochloric acid or nitric acid) to a PH of about 2-3.  Rest for 10min. And filter to observe the color of filtrate and the residue of filter paper. The darker the color of filtrate, the higher the content of FA. The more the filter paper residue, the lower the content of fulvic acid.
How to identify if there is fulvic acid in humic acid product?

Color contrast between potassium humate (left) (FA content < 1%) and fulvic acid (right) (FA > 50%) diluted by 10000 times.
How to identify if there is fulvic acid in humic acid product?

Let us really know humic acid, distinguish true and false, realize the real value of products.