Potassium fulvate (other name: potassium fulvic acid、potassium fulvic humate ) as a new fertilizer, has been legislated as biostimulants in EU countries with seaweed extract, amino acids, etc. Different from plant growth regulators, the

potassium fulvate, as the biostimulator, the function group is more complex and diversified, just like traditional Chinese medicine, which is more mild than regulators and the effect is equivalent.

Customers often encounter the following problems when using potassium fulvate:

Potassium fulvate dissolved water, then accur flocculation precipitation and then stratified, or several hours later flocculation precipitation and then stratified.

Potassium fulvate dissolved water why flocculation and precipitation?

The main reason for this problem is that the potassium fulvate sulfation degree is not enough. And the functional groups can easily absorb the cations in the water, such as calcium ions, magnesium ions and so on. For ordinary users can not judge the degree of sulfation, here to teach you a very simple way to do so, first consult the anti-flocculation limit value of the product before buying.

According to our years of experience in producing and selling humic acid products, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water quality in the north, that is, we northerners often say the large scale kettle. And in the south the water is more acidic, so the anti-flocculation limit value is more than 20 degrees of hard water, which can ensure that most areas will not produce flocculation precipitation stratification. If the manufacturer can not guarantee this antiflocculation value, the quality of its products needs to be considered.

Potassium fulvate dissolved water why flocculation and precipitation?

If you are troubled by the problem of flocculation and precipitation after dissolved water of potassium fulvate, try to use JINGFENG HUMIC ACID technology developed deflocculation, water-soluble and acid resistance potassium fulvate, which is widely used in drip irrigation and leaf spray. And can also be combined with other chemical fertilizer and used as a pesticide efficiency agent. Order now, the quantity is better, you can click the following link to buy online or consulting, or directly email consulting JINGFENG HUMIC ACID product consultant sales02@humate-cn.com to buy.

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