1、Fulvic acid uses scope and method in agriculture

Fulvic acid uses as a plant growth promoter and drought resistant agent, this product was diluted 2000 times. Concentration of 0.005 -0.05% and the dilute solution of 50kg per 665㎡ can enhance the drought resistance, cold resistance, disease and pest resistance of crops. Improve crop quality. Increase seedling rate and increase yield.  And can increase the yield of general crops by 10 -25%.

fulvic acid uses

As fulvic acid has small molecule, large number of functional groups and high activity. It is easily to complex or chelate with multivalent metal. Therefore in most cases fulvic acid uses in the preparation of multi-element and large trace element liquid fertilizer.

The compound liquid fertilizer with total nutrients of 25% -30% and FA > 8% can be prepared by complexing with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, manganese, copper, zinc , boron and other nutrient elements necessary for plant growth. The ratio can be changed according to the regularities of crop fertilizer demand.

Fulvic acid multicomponent liquid fertilizer is a medium, high concentration, multi-element, non-flocculation organic-inorganic complex liquid fertilizer.

  • – It can comprehensively improve the physical and chemical properties of soil.
  • – Promote the development of plant roots and increase the photosynthetic intensity of leaves. Regulate plant physiological metabolism.
  • – Enhance drought resistance, cold resistance, disease resistance, salt and alkali resistance.
  • – Improve fertilizer utilization rate and fertilizer efficiency. Provide the nutrients needed for plant growth to promote growth, early mature, high yield and increase income.

2、Pesticide slow release transpiration agent

This product is mixed with pesticide, proportion:1:2. Made into slow-release pesticide. Which can reduce the toxicity of pesticide and prolong its efficacy. The compound pesticides are: methyl cream, methyl cream manganese zinc, monocrotophos, butyrate, paraquat, he dazhuang, karmaline, red copper, anti-virus alum and so on. The above methods can be used with reference to the requirements of the compound pesticide.

3、Medical high purity fulvic acid application

fulvic acid uses

This product can be refined, separated and dried to produce highly purified fulvic acid. It is used for external use, bath therapy and even oral tablets.

It has the functions of anti-salt and antivirus, antibacterial, anticancer, improving immune function, promoting blood microcirculation and so on. Effective treatment of various inflammation, trauma, ulcers, rheumatism, rheumatoid and other diseases.