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Medical Fulvic acid is firstly removed heavy metals and toxins by resin and ultraviolet rays, then extract humic acid and fulvic acids by food grade ingredients. Derived from lignite, as a product from nature, the effectiveness of fulvic acid supplements comes from its ability to feed people’s body on a cellular level. As fulvic acid belongs to humic acid, we can also call it medical humic acid.

 Main Specification

medical fulvic acid
 AppearanceBlack LiquidBlack Powder
Supply ability10 MT/month10 MT/month
 Water solubility100%100%
 Fulvic Acid(dry basis)99.75% min60.00% min
 Methyl Mercury(Hg)≤0.005mg/kg≤0.005mg/kg
 Inorganic Arsenic(As)≤0.005mg/kg≤0.005mg/kg

Medical Fulvic acid Main Function


  1. Improve anti-inflammatory effect by promoting adrenocortical activity.
  2. Affect neutrophile granulocyte, inhibit the release of certain inflammatory mediators, play an anti-inflammatory effect.
  3. Achieve anti-inflammatory effect by promoting phagocytosis of neutrophils.
  4. Scavenge peroxide free radical to achieve anti-inflammatory effect.

(2).Ease the ulcer.

  1. Regulate nerve function, make the vagal excitability returned to normal state, promote mucosal epithelial cell renewal and repair.
  2. Inhibit β cells on gastric mucosa, reduce gastric juice, gastric acid secretion, promote ulcer healing.
  3. Protect gastrointestinal mucosa against drug damage.
  4. Promote mucosal tissue and muscular tissue regeneration.

(3).Hemostasis, thrombolysis, improve microcirculation.

Medicinal fulvic acid supplements can prevent traumatic hemorrhage, also can promote blood circulation and thrombolysis. Compared with the common one-way hemostatic or thrombolytic drugs, this product have bidirectionality.

(4).Improve immunity function

  1. Medical fulvic acid supplements can improve the humoral immunity, cellular immunity and non-specific immunity.
  2. Improve macrophage phagocytosis.
  3. Stimulate the formation of hemolysin, then effect on humoral immunity.
  4. Diseases caused by different causes, the einstell richtung is also different. Such as both the T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytic conversion rates of  rheumatoid disease and colitis are increased, the eczema patients increased B lymphocyte, diabetic increased T-lymphocytes, Asthma patients reduced both T and B.

(5).Improve endocrine function.

  1. After taking medical fulvic acid supplement, the weight of the adrenal gland increased, thereby improved the secretion of epinephrine.
  2. After taking medical fulvic acid, the symptoms of hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism are improved, and the plasma CAMP is also adjusted to the normal level.
  3. Medical Yellow Rot can reduce blood glucose by more than 50% by stimulating a-receptors to inhibit glucagon secretion.

(6).Estrogen-like effects.

Increase the amount of estrogen secretion, 17-keto-steroid content in urinary increased. Although medical fulvic acid is not hormone, it has estrogen-like effect, and have better efficacy in the gynecological and medicinal bath.

(7).Adjuvant therapy of diabetic complications and diarrhea

The study found that fulvic acid and its sodium salt has some hpyerglycemic effect. For diabetes, peripheral neuritis retinopathy and other complications treatment by sodium fulvic acid medicated bath, the total effective rate achieve 97%. In the treatment of diarrhea, using the autoclaved 0.5% sodium fulvic acid liquid to treat acute and chronic diarrhea caused by various reasons, the cure rate and the total effective rate is relatively high.

(8).Beautify the features and health effects.

Fulvic acid cosmetics have good effects of sun protection, windbreak, skin care. Fulvic acid can effectively regulate the body’s microcirculation system, with the function of metabolism promotion, skin nutrition increasing, cell protection and other physiological functions, thereby to prevent aging, prolong life.

Application suggestion

Take recommended dosage according to the purpose of each production unit.

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