How to use humic acid fertilizerDo you know how to use humic acid fertilizer?Humic Acid water soluble fertilizer is a kind of water-soluble fertilizer of humic acid substances. Humic acid is a kind of natural macromolecule organic matter formed by microbial decomposition, transformation and geochemical process of animal and plant residues. It is extracted from peat, lignite and weathered coal. It can stimulate plant growth, improve soil fertility, improve nutrient availability and crop stress resistance.

Here, let me tell you how to use humic acid fertilizer.

1. Soil Irrigation

When watering or irrigation through the soil, mix in the irrigation water first, so that the plant roots can be fully exposed to fertilizer. The chemical nutrients can be transported to the various tissues of the plant through the respiratory crops of the roots.

2. Leaf fertilization

Humic acid water-soluble fertilizer was diluted and dissolved in water for foliar spraying, or with non-alkaline pesticides (most commonly used pesticides are non-alkaline) dissolved in water for foliar spraying. Water-soluble fertilizer entered the plant through foliar stomata.

For some young plants or crops with poor root system, it is the best choice to correct deficiency symptoms. Could greatly improves the efficiency of fertilizer absorption and utilization, and saves the transportation process of plant nutrients in plants.

3. Drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and soilless cultivation

How to use humic acid fertilizerDrip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and soilless cultivation techniques are often used to save irrigation water and improve labor productivity in desert areas or places where water is extremely scarce.As well as large-scale farms and high-quality and high-value-added cash crop plantations.

This is called “water and fertilizer integration”, when irrigation, fertilizer has been dissolved in water, watering is also the process of fertilization. At this time, the nutrients needed by plants can be obtained by water-soluble fertilizer.In this way,could saves water, fertilizer and labor. That is, the greatest advantage of water-soluble fertilizer – water saving, fertilizer saving, labor saving.

Humic acid can effectively improve the ability of crops to resist cold, drought, insufficient light, salt and alkali. And prevent the lodging and premature senescence of crops. It can quickly degrade the toxic residues of crops caused by improper application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Make stiff, weak and yellow seedlings green and rejuvenate as soon as possible, and resume normal growth.